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figure2eps: version 1.3

Combine vector graphics, e.g. text, axis etc. with bitmap graphics for surfaces in one eps file.



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Figure2eps - Version 1.3
June 2014

Version 1.3 - June 2014
Testing with the prereleas of MATLAB 2014b revealed a small error in the options for the painters renderer. This has been corrected so that the tool will work with the new graphics object approach in the version 2014b.

Version 1.2 - August 2013
A bug in line 178 was corrected: |for k=1:length(Ha)| corrected to |for k=1:length(Hs)|
Thanks to Juan A. Saenz for pointing out this error to me.

Version 1.1 - July 2013

The handeling of multiple axes with multiple surfaces and or patches has been improved.


This script enables the combination of vector graphics for text,
axes, line plots etc and bitmap graphics for large surfaces in one
and the same .eps file.

It automatically selects the apropriate renderer to ensure a high quality graphics while simultaneously ensuring that the graphics can later be viewed with suffieicnt speed.

Generating vector graphics from figures with large surfaces or
with a large number of patches leads to an .eps file which are
very slow to open. These files also cause problems on many
printers because it requires the printer to convert the very large
numbers of patches to a bitmap it can print.

The following logic is used when determining which renderer to

1) The painters renderer is used to render Figures without
surfaces and patches to an .eps file.

2) The painters renderer is used is a figure has patches or
surfaces if the number of patches is lower than 'maxNrPatches'
(default = 1000).

3) For large surfaces or figures with a large number of patches:

- Painters is used for all non surface an patch graphics e.g.
axes, text line plots etc.

- A bitmapRender (default = zbuffer) is used for the surfaces and

- Then the vector graphics portion and the bitmap portions are
combined in one .eps file.

4) It is also possible to force the use of the painters renderer.

I would like to thank Will Robertson for his contribution
|epscombine.m| at Matlab File Exchange:

I wish to acknowledge that without his contribution an important
part of this package would be missing. For convenience the
epscombine.m code is included in package.

Comments and Ratings (2)

I have one problem:

I need to plot a combined figure with subplots where the all xticklabels use fontname symbol (p for greek pi).

Although I redefine the fontname in every line, and although it looks OK in the .fig file, figure2eps changes the fontname of the ylabel of the colorbar back to symbol (greek letters).

How could I prevent this?




The options for \painters renderer have been corrected to be compatible with version 2014b


Line 178 was corrected: k=1:length(Ha) was replaced by k=1:length(Hs). Thanks to Juan A. Saenz for pointing out this error to me.


The handeling of multiple axes with multiple surfaces and or patches has been improved.


1) Corrected error in documentation
29 removed some root default setting which interfeer with opengl rendering.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

Inspired by: epscombine

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