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Fingerprint Recognition System

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Fingerprint Recognition System


Luigi Rosa (view profile)


10 Dec 2003 (Updated )

Fingerprint recognition: demo code for performance evaluation

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Release 5.1 available.

In order to obtain the complete source code (Release 5.1) please visit

For a simple and effective source code for fingerprint recognition please visit

Here you will find a complete and detailed implementation of fingerprint recognition based on FingerCode

Release 5.1
Major features:
- An improved algorithm used in fingerprint matching, highly recommended for high-performance applications
- A generalized and optimized version of the algorithm for core point localization
- Improved database
- Demo code (protected P-files) available for performance evaluation

Release 5.0
Major features:
- The merging technique is greatly improved. This new algorithm was tested on FVC2004 training fingerprint images. Test results are available on request. Please email me in order to obtain them.
- Parameters for image segmentation are estimated automatically
- An improved algorithm is used when the rotated FingerCode is added to database. Now this procedure does not introduce any additional noise
- A faster fingerprint image acquisition when a new fingerprint image is added to database
- Implementation of 1D and 2D recursive Gabor filtering
- Optimized pixel-wise orientation field estimation ( 80% faster than Release 4.0 )
- List of fingerprint databases available on the web

Release 4.0
Major features:
- An improved algorithm for core point detection, based on a novel hybrid technique
- A better fingerprint segmentation which makes use of morphological operations (binary erosion and dilation)
- Exhaustive documentation of the implemented algorithms
- Improved GUI
- Better error management
- Image enhancement
- Orientation field estimation

Release 3.0
Major features:
- Major bugs fixed
- New GUI
- Complex filtering techniques
- Improved core point determination
- Robustness against noise
- Modifiable simulation parameters

Release 2.0
Major features:
- New GUI
- 8 Gabor filters 0 22.5 45 67.5 90 112.5 135 157.5 degrees
- Convolution is performed in frequency domain
- DataBase
- Fingerprint matching
- Error management

For more informations please visit

Luigi Rosa
Via Centrale 35
67042 Civita Di Bagno
L'Aquila --- ITALY
mobile +39 3207214179

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (162)
26 Aug 2015 Deepak Galagte

i want source code of matlab for fingerprint recognization and mi on

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16 May 2015 Mina Bishay

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05 May 2015 Basma Adham

please i want source code in matlab of fingureprint

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01 Apr 2015 busra catak  
27 Mar 2015 busra catak

Please I need full source code Could u plz send me? :(

05 Mar 2015 Harry Nguyen

Hello Luigi Rosa

I'm a student. I have a final project using Fingerprint Recognition. I find out your project to developed my project. Can you send source code .m for me. I would like to receive code from you. My email: Thank you very much! Thanks!

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18 Dec 2014 vignesh  
15 Dec 2014 Irina

Irina (view profile)

Good aternoon! I am doing project on finger print identification and i want the source code for this. Can you send me the source code? My email is Thank you very much!

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01 Nov 2014 Sin Tian Loi

Hi, can you send me the source code?
My email is
Thank you very much.

20 Oct 2014 Hoan Nguyen

Hello Luigi Rosa

I'm a student in University of Technology. I have a final project using Fingerprint Recognition. I find out your project to developed my project. Can you send source code .m for me. I would like to receive code from you. My email: Thank you very much! Thanks!


17 Oct 2014 vennela

I am doing the project on fingerprint.please send this source code to the Email:

05 Sep 2014 Dan Do

Dan Do (view profile)

Can you send me enhancement matlab code of yours, please! My code is low-performance beacause of missing it.
My email is
Thank you very much!

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10 Jul 2014 Dotan Druckman

Could you send me the source code please.

Thank you

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09 Jul 2014 keerthana

I am doing a project on image processing, could you please mail me the source code on

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26 May 2014 Aleksandar  
18 Apr 2014 vijay kumar

i am doing project on finger print identification i want the source code for this can you help me...

18 Apr 2014 matan

matan (view profile)

Could you send me the source code

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18 Apr 2014 Dinara Sadykova

Could you send me the source code on . I need it for my final project. Thanks

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09 Apr 2014 Nemanja

Could you please send me the source code,it would very helpful for my collage project that i'm doing.My e-mail :

21 Mar 2014 Nguyen Khuong

Could you send me the source code on I need it for my final project. Thanks

06 Feb 2014 Dimas Yonathan

can i get this source code? it will very helpful for my final project.. please send it to
Thank you :)

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30 Jan 2014 guru

guru (view profile)

mail me the program for matching name and detail with finger print

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28 Jan 2014 Simi

Simi (view profile)

could u please mail me the source code on I need it for the project m working on.

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27 Dec 2013 abiodun michael

the site provided in this file is invalid. pls help with correct site...thanks

10 Nov 2013 hazwani

Hi, i need the source code for my project?how can i get it?could u email me at ? thanks a lot.

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16 Mar 2013 Ali

Ali (view profile)

Hi Luigi
could you please send me the source code
I need to apply it for my final year project

21 Sep 2012 Stuart Layton

Chrome is reporting that the domain is serving malware.

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22 Aug 2012 Elena

Elena (view profile)

Hi, I'm a student and I'm interested in applying this method to some yeast image recognition. Can someone, please, send me a source code Would be a huge help!

10 Jul 2012 Omid

Omid (view profile)


26 Feb 2012 sandeep pal  
26 Feb 2012 sandeep pal

hi luigi,
i need the source code so can you mail it to me at
thanks in advance

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26 Jan 2012 rohit thakur

my project of final year is multimodal biometrics ........
so does this code generate any kind of score or percentage?

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24 Nov 2011 Manisha Sharda  
09 Aug 2011 Abdul Aziz

Source code please!!

01 Aug 2011 Ahmed

Ahmed (view profile)

i need source code i need this in early diagnosis in genetic diseases research
can anyone send me source code

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02 Nov 2010 Joshua Abraham  
02 Nov 2010 Joshua Abraham

Very Good. But Why make this closed source?

Sorry for my earlier ratings, I only wanted to do 3 stars!!.

This form does not work properly on Google Chrome.

24 Jun 2010 cahyo darujati  
12 Nov 2009 Tan

Tan (view profile)

I have a question. What does the distance in the fingerprint matching mean? Does the smaller value of the distance mean that the fingerprint match the database? I tried to match 2 fingerprint image and i got them matched but the distance is quite huge. Is this normal?

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03 Aug 2009 sharath raj

hi lim...i 2 need the same code..if u got plls mail me

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25 Mar 2009 UVCE K K  
25 Feb 2009 lim

lim (view profile)

hi luigi,
i need the source code for fingerprint recognition system for my project. How can i get the source code? i send to your email but since no reply. i really need it urgently kindly reply me as soon as possible thanks.. anyone that can help me about the fingerprint recognition system please email thanks.. i really need the source code for fingerprint recognition system.

30 Jan 2009 2000forever dagdeviren

i need cmac(cerebellar model arithmetic computer) matlab code for fingerprint classification.can anyone help me?

13 Oct 2008 abed arafat

hi ,thanks for this system

19 Aug 2008 ramesh gopisetty  
29 Jul 2008 suraj d

very helpuful .....

01 May 2008 imed soufi

this articl is very good

21 Mar 2008 angeliki anagnos

i would like to read some of the articles in order to help me with an exercise i have to do for my school

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14 Mar 2008 Rehan Farooq  
25 Jan 2008 ashok pandey  
23 Dec 2007 sandip bhardwaj  
23 Dec 2007 ALI FARAJI


15 Oct 2007 hoang hoang  
15 Oct 2007 hoang ngoc hoang  
06 Sep 2007 sukhwinder kaur


Comment only

itz gud 2 find a site lik dis dat certainly gonna help out n my project..............

16 Aug 2007 hemant kumar  
11 May 2007 shen qingjie

how to edit p-file

19 Jan 2007 subhash hake


11 Jan 2007 alice john

dear rosa
actually u hav many versions for this fingerprint recognition wat is the difference between them and y hav u fixd different rates for them .wich one s best .can u plz rely me urgently?????????

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10 Jan 2007 alice john

should we compulsorily pay money to get the code? isnt not jus enough jus to download the zip fil?pls tell me ya........ its urgent

27 Nov 2006 asmaa fbdf

its very very bad

23 Nov 2006 sure red  
13 Nov 2006 ambuj kumar  
31 Oct 2006 Teerapong Buakhew  
28 Sep 2006 amit kamble  
22 Sep 2006 professor Pola s.pola

I need source code for finer print recogniserin metlab

02 Sep 2006 sourabh bakshi  
25 Aug 2006 Yogesh Daund

Its usefull to students nice workdone

24 Aug 2006 priyadarshee sukhwal


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21 Aug 2006 alex selvesingh

iam doing final year computer science engineering in ksrct.iam doing my project on fingerprint recognition systems.i want to create a new sophisticated kindly guide me

18 Aug 2006 hrishikesh dubey  
14 Aug 2006 Nattawut Tangsupakitwong

i am doing project on fingerprint too.
plz help me , i need the source code.
thx you very much.

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11 Aug 2006 Nisha Nikharge

i m in my final yr of engineering n am doing project on fingerprint recognition.
plz help me with the source code n also the description of the project

29 Jun 2006 nguyen van truong  
10 Jun 2006 amal barkat  
21 May 2006 sudhir kamath  
15 May 2006 Dafi Vitanova

no coment

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04 May 2006 Ritesh Singh  
31 Mar 2006 Bobby Jamshd

Im new to Matlab & have been assigned to do project on fingerprint verification & handle rotation + ALignment problems. I have to submit thesis proposal & start work on this; I know ppl r quite busy to even read yet someone may respond...
Need all sort of assistance as soon as possible
Take Care n Thanx for sparing time

04 Mar 2006 geetha kharvi

even i am inneed of details regarding fingerprintrecignition using matlab (7.1) version........i wnt to prepare synopsis and want to tell know how matlab is implemented for fingerprint recognition.......pls provide me a brief on this topic

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01 Mar 2006 bha dur  
22 Feb 2006 Deepti Singh

I am new to MATLAB.I have seen the logic of code its nice but there is one prb i am unable to find the file imfilter.I this file is very important for me as my project is focused on processing poor quality images.I have searchd my system(hard disk) i am unable to get it.Can some one help in this Its urgent.PLZZZZZZZZZ.... thx in advance for helping me out.

18 Feb 2006 Legend_hihi Kang

I am intersted with the method you are using for finger print recognition, can i share your knowledge and have the complete coding pls.....thx

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18 Feb 2006 Bendy Romee Yugus

Could anyone send me the complete source code for fingerprint recoginition system???

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16 Feb 2006 wise jackal

can u please send me the complete source code because it wil be helpful in my ongoing project.thnaks in advanced

24 Jan 2006 Deepak G

Please send me the complete code. Im developing a project on finger print recognition, so i need this pls.. Thanks in Advance

17 Jan 2006 dd gfg  
19 Dec 2005 ali raza

please send me the complete code as it will be very helpful in my project

02 Oct 2005 mycsar norlie

Excellent!tq very much

22 Sep 2005 Ming Li

Thank you very much! This work is awesome!

21 Sep 2005 chitthra balakrishnan

veryy good

20 Jun 2005 kpetchi appan


05 Jun 2005 dari med

exellent travail, vous ete parmis les pioniers

31 May 2005 Luigi Rosa

Note: the program uses the function deg2rad, which is a Matlab function present in the Mapping Toolbox. In case of error please add the following M-function (deg2rad.m)

function outputangle = deg2rad(inputangle)
outputangle = inputangle*2*pi/360;

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16 May 2005 Rayandy Fan  
12 May 2005 a a

very helpfull. Thanks

07 May 2005 sounak basu  
10 Apr 2005 moh zoz  
03 Apr 2005 zhang tian

A demo source code for fingerprint recognition.
File Details.
Review this Submission.

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24 Mar 2005 Manjula vinodetta  
09 Mar 2005 mokhtar mansour  
09 Mar 2005 dari med

tres bon travail, avec beaucoup de perspicacite. good job

02 Mar 2005 girish mahajan

i have seen your early versions but this one is great, really good one

24 Feb 2005 Nihar Dhruva

Dear Friend,

I've downloaded your file, But it says "No files to extract" when I try to extrect using WinXP's built in Zip Extractor. So please check it out whether the zip file is damaged or what?

23 Feb 2005 huang shen

great job you have done ,thanks for your sharing

23 Feb 2005 kavitha rangasamy

excellent job done by you. there was some problem with your code while executing,i overcomed those with small changes. but when i run the m file (minutiae extraction file) named 'fingerprint.m', the error message such as the symbol - is not found in unit8 buit in function. please try to give me a solution for the same. thank you

21 Feb 2005 Achyut Dave

You have done excellent work.Iwant the c or c++ code for fingerprint verification.please try to give any information on fingerprints to me. THANK YOU.

15 Feb 2005 in illham

how this code can work on the back propagation of neural network in pattern of classification?

11 Feb 2005 jaya priya

Excellent work by u.I want the java code for fingerprint verification.please try to give any information on fingerprints to me.very urgent. THANK YOU.


you did a lot to me by giving this matlab code.I want the c or c++ code for fingerprint verification.please try to give any information on fingerprints to me. THANK YOU.

10 Feb 2005 abu hamed

give me a full mechanism of fingerprint mathcing system with higher accuracy

19 Jan 2005 Hanoi Autumn

I love doing that same work !
Have someone had the e-book of Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition ( )
Please give it to me.
Thank you !

15 Jan 2005 Manu Patodia

i like this page a lot and love to have more information on finger prin matching

14 Jan 2005 amar m  
13 Jan 2005 murali krishna  
10 Jan 2005 Ruli _bae  
04 Jan 2005 sanjay shankar  
26 Dec 2004 foo vai  
22 Dec 2004 Bo Yang  
20 Dec 2004 yue lee

To learn the fingerprint recognitin, the code is good.thanks!!!!!

12 Dec 2004 alpaslan altun

good codes for fingerprint recognition

23 Nov 2004 zhu xiaoxia  
18 Nov 2004 NILESH PATIL


15 Nov 2004 jeeva rajan


07 Nov 2004 L Kin

help a lot

06 Nov 2004 syed mustafa ali  
18 Oct 2004 ABHAY SHAH


17 Oct 2004 Everley Fontes  
14 Oct 2004 Arun Bose

it works excellently and coding is also good.

07 Oct 2004 Nadeem Anjum

Unable to download the file

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14 Sep 2004 gu yangbo


11 Sep 2004 kpetchi appan

its very fine

09 Sep 2004 Karandeep Malik

Superb, Formidable, Excellent, Bravo, I am really impressed with your work.
If I ever plan to work in this field, you would be the first person I would contact you.
Thanks a lot - Luigi Rosa

02 Sep 2004 Carlos Pfeiffer  
24 Aug 2004 reshad hosseini  
15 Aug 2004 marzieh davoodabadi

dear Luigi Rosa,
this file didn't stract

Comment only
15 Aug 2004 marzieh davoodabadi

this file didn't sract with winzip

Comment only
10 Aug 2004 anas alsafi

dear Luigi Rosa,
I sent to you an email about a problem in the croping function and Calculate FingerCode and Add to Database
functions did you check it?

Comment only
03 Aug 2004 Anas Elsafi

dear Luigi Rosa,
I sent to you an email about a problem in the Calculate FingerCode and Add to Database
functions did you check it?

thanks for your help.

Comment only
11 Jul 2004 Hussam Ihmaidy

dear Luigi Rosa,
I sent to you an email about a problem in the centralizing and cropping functions did you check it?

thanks for your help

09 Jul 2004 Luigi Rosa

Reference for complex filtering:

Comment only
06 Jul 2004 Luigi Rosa

Dear Hussam please send me a detailed description of the problem and images you have added to database.

Comment only
06 Jul 2004 Hussam I

when I'm trying to use the option
"select image for fingerprint recgonition" I have the following error

??? Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in ==> G:\JU\thesis\fingerprints\Matlab work\fprec_release30\fprec.m
On line 359 ==> disco1r(new_pos+conta_bande*n_arcs)=disco1(old_pos+conta_bande*n_arcs);

Comment only
02 Jul 2004 tytry rthtrh


11 Jun 2004 Binhai Wang

should change || to | at line 42 in crop.m to make it work.

17 May 2004 Kashif Muhammad

its good to learn from that

11 May 2004 iliyas babu

very good data base

07 May 2004 yyy gghghh


07 May 2004 Giulio G  
06 May 2004 veena R  
19 Apr 2004 dinesh wankhede  
16 Apr 2004 chjh cc

The new Ver.3.0 not Available

12 Apr 2004 Suraj Bhosale

Very Good

27 Mar 2004 swapnil bhosle


27 Mar 2004 dinesh wankhede  
05 Mar 2004 yuva raja


15 Feb 2004 Muhammad jamilkhan


10 Feb 2004 bankorey kemo

very good

Comment only
03 Feb 2004 janelle masangcay

is there any way that this file be converted to an m file? I am really very interested but I can't open it on my pc. I am currently conducting a study about fingerprint recognition and this would be of gigantic help..

23 Jan 2004 Raghav Bansal

Really great software!!!


08 Jan 2004 Fan ZHANG

This is very helpful for the people who is doing the project on fingerprint image processing.

14 Apr 2004

New release (3.0) available.

14 Apr 2004

Ver. 3.0: New Release Available

30 Jun 2004

Release 3.0: freeware code available.

05 Apr 2005

Updated information about Release 4.0

20 May 2005

Updated information about Release 5.0

23 May 2005

Updated some files

31 May 2005

Release 5.1 available

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