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Easy Sensitivity (Tornado) Plot Function

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This function makes a tornado sensitivity plot and returns the sensitivity values.



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This function is designed to be easily used by simply supplying data. Axis names, sensitivity value, plot saving and function definition are optional function inputs. The function returns two vectors with the low and high sensitivity values, along with a tornado plot. The syntax is:


where data=[1,2,3...] and names={'First','Second','Third'...}. 0.2 corresponds to a 20% sensitivity analysis and true indicates the plot will be automatically saved in the working directory as 'Objective.png'. fh is the function handle, ie: @my_fun. An example is included, accessed by typing help TorPlot or opening the file.

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I modified the function to be able to perform sensitivity analysis on a supplied function and set the summed sensitivity to a default value if a function isn't supplied.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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