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Knauer pump RS232 communication

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Functions for communicating with Knauer pumps via RS232.



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A range of both low- and high-level commands for controlling Knauer pumps.

serialObject = knauerpumpobj(comPort) returns the serial object for Knauer pumps given a suitable COM port number (unsigned integer: 1-255).

knauerpumpobjconnect(serialObject) initialises communication and knauerpumpobjdisconnect(serialObject) disconnects

knauerpumpobjcomm and the other preformed files are used to read and write flow rates, pressures etc.

With minor modifications to knauerpumpobjcomm, this can also be adapted for TCP/IP communication via ethernet, but because of poor reliability in assigning the pumps IP addresses over DHCP, this is not the recommended method.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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