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Adaptive Diffusion Flow Active Contours for Image Segmentation

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a novel external force for active contours, called adaptive diffusion flow (ADF), is proposed.



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GVF is an effective external force for active contours, however, there is still room for improvement. the proposed ADF is one improvement.

I am an experienced author of several extensions of the GVF model, such as the HGVF(harmonic GVF), NBGVF, GVC, CONVEF, ISAGVF, HISAGVF, DWGVF, GVFOM, OSAHGVF and this ADF, although I am just the second and corresponding author of the ADF model.

Although most of the above mentioned models are just in the state of conference papers, I will publish the source codes one after another,pls pay attention!

If you find this ADF algoirthm useful, we appreciate it very much if you can cite our related work:

Yuwei Wu, Yuanquan Wang, Yunde Jia. Adaptive Diffusion Flow Active Contours for Image Segmentation. (Accepted by CVIU 2013, DOI )

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Braiki Marwa

I need so much to use your function "smooth diffusion" but when I run this function always I have two error
1/ Undefined function or variable 'Gn'.

Error in smooth_diffusion (line 99)
2/Undefined function 'exp' for input arguments of type 'uint8'.

Error in smooth_diffusion (line 93)

Error in FiltrageAnisotrope (line 15)

Error in FiltrageAnisotrope (line 15)

help me please

Braiki Marwa

I have error

indefined function or variable 'Gn'.

Error in smooth_diffusion (line 88)


Marlon (view profile)

Wang YQ

Wang YQ (view profile)

Dear Wujing,

Thank you for your interesting in our work. In fact, I have proposed several models on GVF, ADF is just one and not so graceful. Although most of my models are just conference paper, I will publish the code for other models in near future. pls pay attention. Thanks!


Wujing (view profile)

perfect,especially the file of MyADF,recently,I'm studying the snake method, I believe I need this, thank you

Wang YQ

Wang YQ (view profile)

Several days later, I will pulish the source code for our CONVEF model, described in the following paper:
Y. Wang and Y. Jia, Convolutional virtual electric field external force for active contours, in Proc. Asia Conf. Computer Vision, 2009

the CONVEF is an extension of VEF in the following papers:
H. Park and M. Chung, External force of snake: virtual electric field, IEE Electronics Letters 38(24)(2002)1500–1502.

our CONVEF model is more powerful and interesting than the well-known VFC model, which can also be considered as an extension of the VEF model.

the VFC is in the following paper:
B. Li and S.T. Acton, Active contour external force using vector field convolution for image segmentation, IEEE Trans. Image Process. 16(8)(2007)2096 – 2106

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