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str2cell: a pedestrian cell creator

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creates a cell array from an input vector of any valid ML datatype

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help str2cell

c = str2cell(v)
c = str2cell(v,delim[s])

creates a cell array C from input vector V.
places segments of V seperated by delimiter
DELIM into separate cells of C.

see also: CELLSTR

v : a string/vector of a ML supported data class
delim : array of delimiter[s] [def: isspace]
v-class syntax
char 'xyz'
other [1 2 pi]

an input matrix (NxM) will be turned into a
1x(N*M) column vector WITHOUT warning!

s='this is a ;;; test string; +-0 ;;;_;;; for; +;+ fun;';
c=str2cell(s,' +-;0_')

d=[pi pi 1 2 inf 4 5 6 nan 78 pi];
c=str2cell(d,[nan pi 5 inf])
[1x2 double] % = 1 2
[ 4]
[ 6]
[ 78]

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Mugiho (view profile)

Thank you a lot !! this is very very much help for my source coding ~!


Mugiho (view profile)


Zhijun Wang

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

kiran doijode

i needded it urgently thank u!!!!!!!!!!

John D'Errico

A nice function.

Marcelo Zeri

Excellent, exactly what I needed!

Suhas Gajre

This is a good program! I needed this today and found it almost instantly here! Thanks Urs (us) Schwarz.


added a critical print suppressor! version 24/12/2003 00:34:41.

added NANs to be valid delimiters. version 20/12/2003 20:08:38.

changed help and added preallocation of cell[s]

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired: char2cell

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