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Consistent imaging with consumer cameras

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Accurate color capture using consumer cameras.



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These set of scripts accompany the paper:

Use of commercial-off-the-sgeld (COTS) digital cameras for scientific data acquisition and scene-specific color calibration

by Akkaynak et al.

The paper is currently in submission and the toolbox has been made available for testing in advance.

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Pengfei Wang

Great Work!


Matija (view profile)


your code is very good!

I am interested in color correction and white balancing and it helped me a lot.

Can you provide me info how you got Published XYZ values - under D50 illuminant.

I found a number of articles where these values are in sRGB, LAB...but not in XYZ. When I tried to perform a conversion, I didn't get results same as yours.

Thank you, MM.


Derya (view profile)

Thanks, Dan for your quick comment. The test image I provided was too big, so that is why it was missing. I've now uploaded a smaller one (but it may take a while to be online after the code is approved by Matlab), so if you check back in a day or so, it will be here. I'll be sure to update when the paper is published. Thanks, and please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. I'll be making periodic updates to the code and documentation.


Dan (view profile)

Could you please supply the testImage.dng image used in demo.m

Waiting for your paper to be published

Good luck!



Updated citation for paper.


-Added a test image that was smaller in size (to meet the 20MB limit).
-Updated demo.m to read the new test image.

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