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Optimal Loading for a Power Station (Unit Commitment)



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This App looks for an optimal loading for a power station (unit commitment), It based on Optimiztion methodes: Genetic Algorithms and Dynamic Program.
To run this App, the cost functions for the generators in the power station must be known.
This App is applicable for power station that contains of 10 or less number of generators.

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Bilal Ayubi

plz send sir matlab code for techer learning base algorithm for 10 20 26 genrators

hello Sir,
can you send a PSO method for unit commitment.
thank you sir.
here is my email,

I cant download this file plz sent my email

hi KATHIM Alrifai, is there a way that I can look at the SOURCE CODE please.
Thank You


good job

hello Sir,
Can you send the code for unit commitment with PSO method. Here Download Zip is not ok for me. It has many error to simulate the UC and i can't find input data file in it.How to run the application?Please help me.May i know your email address to contact with you and show my difficulties(error).
my email address is

hello KATHIM Alrifai ! please can you send the code for this application?i'mworking to a same projet
that'is my email:

hello my friend , can you send the code for this app . i am currently doing research on unit commitment and would like to see what you did ty :)

orhan taskale

if somebody have an other matlab code ,can you help me ?my mail adress


Hi Kathim, would it be possible to post the source code of this program to be able to understand it?


how to run this program... please guide me..

gni gni



MAHDAD (view profile)

How to run the application?

KATHIM Alrifai

KATHIM Alrifai (view profile)

you must have a MATLAB release 8.1(R2013a) or (R2012b)

yu xia

yu xia (view profile)

How to install?


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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