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TeXed is a fork of Ben Hinkle's TeXEditor (#11946).

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TEXED is a graphical interface for editing and previewing LaTeX equations for use in MATLAB. Keyboard shortcuts and equation templates are supported. It is a fork of the MATLAB Central File Exchange entry titled TeXEditor (FEX ID# 11946) by Ben Hinkle. The main difference between the two entries is the ability of this one to return the TeX string that the user had crafted via the GUI, and the unknown zip contents that were in a string in the extractFiles function have been fully exposed. JD GUI was used to expose the source code of the TeXAction.class file.

This and the original entry have some neat tricks that developers could learn from. My intent is to further develop Ben's submission and redo the UI with as little undocumented utilities as possible.

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Nathan (view profile)

Great job. Outputting the equation is a nice improvement.



Good contribution. Saves me time.

Jonathan Lister

Let me be clear... this is still 90+ % Ben's work. Over time I hope to develop it further. I'm already playing with a new UI concept and looking into alternatives to the TexAction.class in the original work.



Removed the hidden zip file and extraction routine. TEXED will now look for the required gifs and class file in a sub directory under where it is installed. Also made the output argument optional.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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Inspired by: TeX Editor

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