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Quadrotor dynamics modelling using simulink

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This simulator models the translational and rotational dynamics of a quadrotor.

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The following things are modelled:
- Quadrotor dynamics
- Motor dynamics
- Kalman filter for state estimation
- Simple sensor model/ ADC conversion

The following are not modelled:
- Propeller dynamics
- Control laws
- Power subsystem

This sim can be used for:
- System feasibility studies
- System performance assessment and trade-offs
- Control law performance evaluation

I am sorry but I do not entertain emails regarding any type of support.

Details about Quadrotor dynamics can be found in this paper:

My Linkedin page is:

Important - Pleae run KF_setp.m to initialize Kalman Filter variables.
Do not forget to declare system input variables and initial conditions once you are in the sim. Motor variables have to be declared by opening the "Motor Dynamics" block mask.

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Hi M
I cant download this paper by adress
I need to this paper for understand detiils about dynamics
please if possible, send me this paper to my email

Dea Lana Asri

Thank you for the file.
I run the simulation but my "z displacement" turns out to be negative.
Can somebody tell me what's wrong?
thank you

Dear sir,
I can't download the file!
Can you help me?
my email:

wang meng

liu jiaolong

thanks a lot for your model!


Hirsh (view profile)

Why an array of three elements how input (voltage) of actuator is used?
What units for the actuator's output do you use? rad/s, rpm or fps?

Lo Jovan


Load the KF_setup.m file to initialize the filter variables.

Michael Ernst

All in all the model seems to be sophisticated, but still the same error whit Hmat (Hmat is not defined...) in the Kalman-Filter (correction) subsystem. Please help! Otherwise the model is not realy helpfull... Thx a lot!

wu hugh

could you explain how the declair the Hmat matrix? I donot know how to that too.thx!


karthi (view profile)

how to set matrix variable in HMAT section..

Karthi -You need to declare the HMAT matrix in the matlab workspace to get rid of the eroor.


karthi (view profile)

In the KF correction task,HMAT error will be occured.
Plz help me



Kalman Filter setup file now provided with the package.

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