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Igor Pro file format (ibw) to matlab variable

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A fileset for importing waves from Igor binary file to matlab workspace



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Put them in to your Matlab folder and add path to them in Matlab.

Function call:


where b is path to the ibw file.

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Long Chang

Thanks Jakub. I used your function to read AFM data from Asylum Research AFM. This saves me so much time analyzing drift data.

Long Chang

I used to use this function and it worked exceptionally. I am now using a different acquisition software, which still create IBW files on Igor Pro, but I'm unable to load them on MatLab. When I try, i get this error: Error using readIBWbinheader (line 31)
Cannot read version 1280 IBW files - only versions 2,5 are okay.

Is there a way to fix it? Should I modify the Igor Pro script or is there something I can do directly on MatLab? Any suggestion on how to cnvert those files?
Thank you very much!


Emre (view profile)

Hi Sandy, open your pxt file with Igor and save it as .pxu (unpacked) format. As soon as you do this, Igor will create a folder in the file's directory with .ibw files in it.

Sandy Ekahana

Hi, I have pxt file, could you help me on how to read it with matlab?


navan (view profile)

i do have IBW file can u elaborately tell me how should i export an ibw file into matlab. i tired IBWread(myfile location), but it doesnt work;

Excellent import from Igor Pro. Works fine.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

Inspired: Peaker Analysis Toolbox

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