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Optimization In cooperative spectrum sensing in Cognitive radio network

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This program is of optimization in Cognitive radio in spectrum sensing

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Cooperative spectrum sensing and adapting to the environment, a cognitive radio is able to fill spectrum holes and serve without causing harmful interference to the licensed user. We consider optimization of cooperative spectrum sensing with energy detection to minimize the total error rate.

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Gaurav Bhosale

Gaurav Bhosale (view profile)

Hi all,
I have not answered many queries. I am going to release code for other figures from same paper. Please keep on commenting. You can contact me on email or LinkedIn. Thanks.

Reham Ahmed

Ravi Anand

Bino Stephen

Ying Zhang

Can someone explain the notations of n,N,K,u,t,tt etc. Thanks!

what is terminology in the code.
can any one explain that what is n,N,K,u,t,tt etc.


sir, can you help me to send and explain the code about cooperative spectrum sensing using energy detection? thank you

swarna kumar

hi sir...i need matlab code for my will you please help me sir..."volume based spectrum sensing for cognitive radio"...


i need matlab code for trust based cognitive radio network.if u hav the code kindly give me i m new to matlab and i need this for my project

hai sir can you please send a code related to the energy consumption in cooperative spectrum sensing CRN if possible to my id


swathi (view profile)

Gaurav Sir,this code helped me in understanding basics of sensing.Thankyou.
Iam currently doing my project on GCMAC protocol for sensing in cognitive radio networks in which sensing overhead and throughput are analysed.Can u please mail me code for this protocol as iam unable to perform simulation.plz do hlp me in coding part.

Reji Pepsi

yamini verma

Gaurav sir plz help me in coding part.

yamini verma

it is very helpful for me...keep sending me some more code related to same topic..


Dear Gaurav Bhosale,
Nice program. It's is very helpful. Do you have other matlab code for this paper ? Can you give me the code by e-mali?



Harshit Patel

Gaurav sir, i m workng on MC-CDMA based cognitive radio, in which i have to mitigate the interference by secondary user to primary user...
but i have problem in implementation of matlab code for cognitive i m anticipating to help me in this

kajal singhal

please provide a valid matlab code for this..

Nikhil Arora

Can u mail me code for this ???


Dear Gaurav Bhosale,
Very nice program. It's is very helpful. Do you have other programs also for rest of the figure plots ?

chuotcon 313

Simulation result is Fig. 2 of the paper:

Wei Zhang; Mallik, R.K.; Letaief, K., "Optimization of cooperative spectrum sensing with energy detection in cognitive radio networks," Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on , vol.8, no.12, pp.5761,5766, December 2009

saifur rahman

Nice program. Do You give me paper name which is used for programing.

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