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Shunt Active Power Filter

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Shunt Active Power Filter based on pq Theory.

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Shunt Active Power Filter based on pq Theory. 40volts 3phase system and 60 ohms 3 phase full-wave rectifier load.
THDi improved from 29.56% to 1.67%.

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is not working for me there is always error i have matlab R2013a whats wrong!!!!

how to tune the PI controller?

very nice giving good and valuable information

fulya fulya

KalaRathi M

how to save this file with others way

saeed ansar

sir can you make the same in single phase?


gud work


good work. But, i need input as Self-Excited Induction Generator.

nice work

very tANKS for simulatin file can u help me in series active filter..?

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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