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A flexible EDF file loader for accessing header information and signal data.



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An efficient EDF loader is provided that allow the user several options for accessing header and signal information stored in an EDF file.

User can select specific signals and specific 30 second epochs to return, which are used in sleep applications.

header = blockEdfLoad(edfFN)
[header, signalHeader] = blockEdfLoad(edfFN)
[header, signalHeader, signalCell] = blockEdfLoad(edfFN)
[header, signalHeader, signalCell] = blockEdfLoad(edfFN, signalLabels)
[header, signalHeader, signalCell] = blockEdfLoad(edfFN, signalLabels, epochs)

Comments and Ratings (7)

Thank you Dennis, it works very well.

Thank you Dennis. Your code is very useful.

Rami Khushaba

Rami Khushaba (view profile)

The program returns the selected sections(signals and 30 second epochs). The current version loads the entire file. It would be straight forward to load only the selected sections. Please email directly if you would like to discuss further.


Victor (view profile)

Can I read with this function a samll part from a large EDF file, which can not be loaded entirely?

Use this version for quick access to the EDF contents.

Rajeev Yadav

Thanks Dennis, I will revise my code and will follow your implementation to make the GUI simpler.




Revision adds digital to physical conversion.

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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