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Simulation of Control Systems for a Mobile Robot Platform

Control design for Field Survey Mobile Robot using lead-lag compensation, PID and Fuzzy Logic



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Steps to use:

Step 1: Set path to the folder including project files
Step 2: load Project_Workspace.mat
Step 3: Run Mobile_Robot_Simulation.m
Step 4: Open Main_Simulation.mdl in Simulink and customize simulation time, inputs, fuzzy-logic rules, etc..
Step 5: Run Main_Simulation.mdl
Step 6: Run Simulation_Plots.m

Design and Simulation of Control Systems for a Field Survey Mobile Robot Platform using lead-lag compensation, PID and Fuzzy Logic
To customize this code you need to:
1- Change the values of DC motor constants
2- Change the zeros of lead-lag compensation
3- Change the gains of PID controller
4- Change the rules of Fuzzy logic controller

July.29.2012, Ramin Shamshiri + +
Dept of Ag & Bio Eng +
University of Florida +
Gainesville, Florida +

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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