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Generalized Plane Stress and Plane Strain States

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Generalized Plane Stress and Plane Strain States



24 Jul 2013 (Updated )

Visualization, Transformation & 0-45-90 Strain Gage Rosette Evaluation

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The purpose of this applet is the visualization of generalized plane stress and plane strain states by means of Mohr's stress circles, the corresponding strain circles, stresses at a cuboidal material region (material element) and the distorted material region.
A transformation of stresses and strains into a rotated cartesian coordinate system can also be considered.

The material is assumed to be isotropic and linear elastic so that it can be described by Young's Modulus and Poisson's Ratio.

The initial configuration is prescribed by one of the following four scenarios:
(1) Stresses of a generalized plane stress state
(2) Strains of a generalized plane strain state
(3) In-plane strains of a plane stress state
(4) Measured data of a 0°-45°-90° strain gage rosette

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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23 Jul 2015 1.02

Simplification of the arrow drawing procedure because of problems with arrow.m.

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