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NumSim toolbox



Multiphysic boundary value problems, interpolation, meshless, points generation, simulation



Analyse the geometry definition (faces, edges, ...)



g = Analyse_geometry_definition(g,[F_analyse_w_regions])

This function analyses the geometry definition to get the faces and edges information (regions, normals, edges over 180 degrees, ...).

Input parameters

g: obj_AFP_V1_00.

F_analyse_w_regions: Flag for the analysis of the geometry definition with the regions (default : true). This flag is to be used only by the functions for the integration tasks, not by the user.

Output parameters

g: updated obj_AFP_V1_00 with these fields:

  • valid_geometry_definition
  • F_2D_geometry
  • Faces_norms_inside
  • C_Faces_vectors_triangle
  • C_Faces_vectors_triangle_cat
  • Edges_Ifaces
  • Faces_Iedges
  • Edges_Ivx
  • L_true_edge
  • Big_faces
  • L_true_edge_wo_region
  • Big_faces_wo_region
  • C_normal_bf_wo_region_outside
  • L_edges_over180degrees
  • valid_pts_distribution is set at false
  • Triangulation_surf
  • L_points_visibility
  • valid_integration is set at false
  • valid_isosurface is set at false

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