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Laminate Analysis Program

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Program analysing each layer in a composite.

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This program consists of two file:
1) Laminate.m
2) input.dat

(input.dat) needs to be modified according to the laminate to be analysed. All the plies properties and loadings goes into this input file. The program produces an output file containing all the anaylsis results. TO run the program simply execute:


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Thanks for the nice code
Regarding the error at line 75, there's a space missing before num2str. It should read:
disp(['Lamina # ' int2str(k) ': ' num2str(th(i,1))])

??? Error: File: Laminate.m Line: 75 Column: 38
disp(['Lamina # ' int2str(k) ': 'num2str(th2(i,1),])
It is not working.. Can u help ?


AK (view profile)

Very Good work

x z

x z (view profile)

Very Good


Very nice Program for learners whose works on mechanics of laminate composite.
I have used the program to study behavior of the laminate in which i am not getting the same answer as the book.
When i go through the coding there are two functions such as T_sig and T_eps in that something went wrong, could you pls tell which book you followed for this problem?


sujit (view profile)

disp(['Lamina # ' int2str(k) ': 'num2str(th(i,1))])

this line is showing some prase eror...
plz suggest some solution


Harsha (view profile)

I am facing problems with the 2-D plot of the results. Can someone please help me with that?
Also, the code had two syntax errors.


ss ss


Houari Mohammed

Yawar Mehdi

Its a good effort. Very helpful.

Ali ?ZG?L

Plainly, this work's application very nice and usefully for several civil, mechanical etc.. engineering areas.

I think, this file documantation, description and program-running-algorithm's flow not-regular. I know epoxi-laminate composite plate system with analytical and finite element solution technique but all-user don't know this theory and method.

If you use one-main program instead of more-sub programs (with input and output veriables) than this program and work be more likeable.

I was tested your program running algorithms to several thin and thick plate model for true-solution and shear locking effect. But I don't see shear locking program module or procedure in main-program.
Analysis results, different the Reissner-Mindlin thick plate model.

I think this files need more improvement but I know this area's works are very hard and require the more works-time.

Good works, Best Regard

hamze hajiloo

civil engineering

Andres Guzman

It's a good problem but needs some improvements. There are some failures in syntax.

nilesh sonawane

The program is quiet good,

Ilse Leenknegt

prince sharma

it is a very usefull programme

Ralph Wiggum

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