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Label Antarctic Features


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Label Antarctic Features



25 Jul 2013 (Updated )

Retrieve coordinates and/or label any of the 25,394 Antarctic features identified by SCAR.

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[lat,lon] = scarloc('Totten Glacier') returns a nominal latitude and longitude of Totten Glacier.

scarlabel('Totten Glacier') will center a label about Totten Glacier.

[h,lat,lon] = scarlabel('Totten Glacier') will return the lat/lon coordinates of Totten Glacer (whether you have the Mapping Toolbox or not) and h, the handle of the label. If a map is current, this will also place the label on the map.

scarlabel(' Recovery Glacier','fontsize',10, 'HorizontalAlignment','left'.'marker','kx') will place a black 'x' marker at the location of Recovery Glacier, and a 10-pt font label to the right of the marker.


Ncpolarm, Plot Antarctic Circumpolar Current Fronts, and Bedmap2 Toolbox For Matlab inspired this file.

Required Products Mapping Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
Other requirements Mapping toolbox is required for scarlabel function, but not for the scarloc function.
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09 Aug 2013 Giedrius  
19 Aug 2013

Changed name from antlabel to scarlabel, broke out scarloc, included search suggestions.

20 Aug 2013

Improved error handling. Changed database name to scarnames.mat for consistency.

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