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Mouse figure interaction

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Mouse figure interaction


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This example shows how the mouse could be used to change how an image is displayed

%% Moving Mouse Example
% This example shows how callbacks can be used to alter e.g. an image
% brightness while a button is pressed and the mouse is moved.

% clear persistent variables in used function
clear mouseMove

%% Open an image
figure; imagesc(); colormap('gray');
axis image off ij;
colormap gray

%% Register the click callbacks:
set (gcf, 'WindowButtonDownFcn', @(object, eventdata)mouseClicked(true)); % register mouse down function handle
set (gcf, 'WindowButtonUpFcn', @(object, eventdata)mouseClicked(false));  % register mouse up mouse

%% Thats it
% the changes to the image are made in the mouseMove.m
% this example is shows how mouse input could be used on a figure

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