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Minimum Distance Calculations Between 2 Groups of Pixels

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Calculates the minimum distance between 2 groups of pixels and returns the distance and pixel ...



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Takes the list of coordinates between 2 groups of pixels and calculates the shortest distance between the 2 groups and returns their pixel coordinates.

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thanks for sharing, really helpful,but your code is not working with my image. plz give suggestion. i have posted question , the link is


Minho (view profile)

Thanks for your sharing.

ab elmi

well done.good job

khalifa aldeweb

i want to calculat distance of groups pixels and take big cluster by using MATLAB.

khalifa aldweb

Very useful function! Thanks a lot!

dhineshkumar pachamuthu

Tiago Meneses

Albert Steiner

Very useful function! Thanks a lot!

Calden Wloka

Great job! It was extremely useful!

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