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Fuzzy ART and Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Networks

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Fuzzy ART and Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Networks



22 Dec 2003 (Updated )

This package allows creation, training, and testing of ART and ARTMAP neural networks.

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File Information

Included in this package are two directories: ART and ARTMAP. The ART directory provides the functionality for creating and using an unsupervised neural network based on the Adaptive Resonance Theory of Grossberg and Carpenter. The ARTMAP directory provides the functionality for creating and using a supervised neural network, also based on Adaptive Resonance Theory.

The ARTMAP implementation makes use of a few of the ART functions.

These files were developed and tested under MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1) only.


This file inspired Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems (Anfis) Library For Simulink.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (24)
04 Feb 2016 Khang Hoàng

good exam for study, thanks!

21 May 2013 Trung Nguyen Quang

I think there some thing wrong in Fuzzy ART code. Because, When I trained with first data, its categorize to n1, and the seconde data is categorize to n2, but when I combine to data to network, it carry out N group very large compaire to n1+n2.

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06 Jun 2011 mazaher ghorbani

I think there are some drawbacks. first, updating weights is not correct. second, when an input does not belong to any of the categories, the program return the -1 value. third, ART is on-line neural network that can be trained by off-line method. when we use categorization function instead of learn function, just one category is determined by the program and it is not correct. if someone can explain these drawbacks, i'll be glad.

14 Apr 2011 Ilias Konsoulas

15 May 2010 onur kilincceker

23 Feb 2009 Polychronis

Excellent work but I have a question. It seams that in the ART algorithm (not ARTMAP), the analog input vector requires some short of normalization. It does not function properly if the input values exceed a certain number (around 1.5). If there are input components above that value, the output of the algorithm is -1 meaning that this input does not belong to any of the available categories. Please advise of what is going on.


31 Oct 2008 ramakrishnan r

does the artmap code have inter art module ? how to draw a graph for training using this code?

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09 Dec 2007 ali sahebi

maybe it is good!

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07 Oct 2007 Enrique Avila

13 Jul 2007 abdul mukti

28 Apr 2007 Mario Cordina

Very good code. However can someone please clarify the reasoning behind updating weights ONLY IF input is less than weight (i,j)
Thanks for your help all.
You can reach me on

10 Jan 2007 lali tha

* hai my name is lalitha
*i want your ART work details
please give some information
Thanking you

03 Jan 2007 Vishnuvenkatesh Dhage

good codes for training and testing of fuzzy art and neural network

29 May 2006 Emre Akbas

If I am not wrong, there is a SERIOUS BUG in this code:

In ART_Update_Weights.m at line 57, the update formula is written as:

weight(i, categoryNumber) = (learningRate * input(i)) + ((1 - learningRate) * weight(i, categoryNumber));

This should be:

weight(i, categoryNumber) = (learningRate * min(input(i),weight(i, categoryNumber))) + ((1 - learningRate) * weight(i, categoryNumber));

06 Aug 2005 xiang hailin

14 Jul 2005 Liliana Rosero

I Think: Is a very good aplication.
But when a data doesn't belong to one of the learnig clases, the output of the net is -1.

I'm doing some tests in a very big bucle (aprox 4000 iterations) changing (diferentially) the net.vigilance and changing the number of clases, in an application for clasify. The classes are obtained for randomly genertating the attributes.

I found: small changes in the net.vigilance have strong implications in performance of the network.

31 Jan 2005 Stanislav Dimov

Dear Mr. Garett,

Your work is very interesting (Adaptive resonance theory and it's application on the Neural networks).I would like to offer You collaboration on the field of Adaptive resonance theory /ART/ especially adaption algorithms for linear neural networks by means of changing the weight vectors.I'm Professor at the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria , department of computer science.If You have some collaboration ideas , please send me Yours proposal per e-mail !
My e-mail address is:

With best regards

Dr. S. Dimov

27 Jan 2005 Anny Olivar

Estoy interesada ehn obtener información sobre el material que se utilizo para la implementación, quiero agregarle otras cosas pero no tengo documentación..

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27 Jan 2005 someone interested

16 Nov 2004 Chen Po Jen

22 Sep 2004 arief kuncoro

21 Sep 2004 HOO Q

27 Apr 2004 Prasad VSS

23 Apr 2004 aditya khambampati

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