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Improved Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

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Improved Digital Image Correlation (DIC)



14 Aug 2013 (Updated )

Calculate full-field displacements and strains from a set of images with a random speckle pattern.

%This function computes the deformed grid for each image based on the
%original grid and the displacements

function [gridx_def,gridy_def,gridx_DU_def,gridy_DU_def] = deformed_grid(...

N_images = size(dispx_smooth,2);

%Compute the deformed grid locations:
gridx_def = repmat(gridx_scale,1,N_images) + dispx_smooth;
gridy_def = repmat(gridy_scale,1,N_images) + dispy_smooth;

%Approximate the displacements of the strain grid using interpolation:
if isempty(gridx_DU) %No displacement gradients have been calculated yet
    gridx_DU_def = [];
    gridy_DU_def = [];
else %Displacement gradients have been calculated, and the deformed grid should be, too
    dispx_DU = zeros(size(gridx_DU,1),N_images);
    dispy_DU = zeros(size(gridy_DU,1),N_images);
    for i = 1:N_images
        dispx_DU(:,i) = griddata(gridx_scale,gridy_scale,dispx_smooth(:,i),gridx_DU,gridy_DU);
        dispy_DU(:,i) = griddata(gridx_scale,gridy_scale,dispy_smooth(:,i),gridx_DU,gridy_DU);
    gridx_DU_def = repmat(gridx_DU,1,N_images) + dispx_DU;
    gridy_DU_def = repmat(gridy_DU,1,N_images) + dispy_DU;


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