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Numerical Methods Using MATLAB, 4e

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Numerical Methods Using MATLAB, 4e


John Mathews (view profile)


23 Dec 2003 (Updated )

Companion software to accompany the book "Numerical Methods Using MATLAB"

function L=linsht(F1,F2,a,b,alpha,beta,M)

%Input    - F1 and F2 are the systems of first-order equations 
%              representing the I.V.P.'s (9) and (10), respectively;
%              input as M-file functions
%            - a and b are the endpoints of the interval
%            - alpha = x(a) and beta = x(b); the boundary conditions
%            - M is the number of steps
%Output - L = [T' X]; where T' is the (M+1) x 1 vector of abscissas 
%              and X is the (M+1) x 1 vector of ordinates

%Call L=linsht(@F1,@F2,a,b,alpha,beta,M)

%  NUMERICAL METHODS: Matlab Programs
% (c) 2004 by John H. Mathews and Kurtis D. Fink
%  Complementary Software to accompany the textbook:
%  NUMERICAL METHODS: Using Matlab, Fourth Edition
%  ISBN: 0-13-065248-2
%  Prentice-Hall Pub. Inc.
%  One Lake Street
%  Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

%Solve the system F1


%Solve the system F2


%Calculate the solution to the boundary value problem

L=[T' X];

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