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19 Aug 2013 (Updated )

Import (x,y)-data from Origin project (OriginLab Corp.) directly into MATLAB.

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This function can be used to import paired columns of (x,y)-data from an Origin project file (OriginLab Corp.) directly into MATLAB.
importOrigin, by itself, opens a file selection dialog for specifying the Origin project file to be imported. The function identifies x-y pairs of column data in the specified Origin project and opens a modal data selection dialog for selecting a subset of data sets to import. If no output arguments are specified the imported data will be created as new variables in the MATLAB workspace.

DATA = importOrigin(...); returns the imported data in a structure DATA.

importOrigin uses MATLAB's actxserver to create an Origin COM Automation Server. This means that Origin must be installed on the target computer. More information can be found here:

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
Other requirements Origin (OriginLab Corp.)
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28 Apr 2015 paul antony


20 Aug 2013 1.1

Updated links in description.

27 Aug 2013 1.2

Fixed importing worksheets containing NaN and empty columns.

09 Sep 2013 1.3

Updated the description

13 Sep 2013 1.4

- Possible to import data into the MATLAB workspace (base).
- Implemented MATLAB's own listdlg for the data selection, instead of using inputsdlg from the File Exchange.
- New default for opening a data selection dialog.

25 Jul 2014 1.5

Bug fix when running function without output arguments.

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