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19 Aug 2013 (Updated )

Import (x,y)-data from Origin project (OriginLab Corp.) directly into MATLAB.

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This function can be used to import paired columns of (x,y)-data from an Origin project file (OriginLab Corp.) directly into MATLAB.
importOrigin, by itself, opens a file selection dialog for specifying the Origin project file to be imported. The function identifies x-y pairs of column data in the specified Origin project and opens a modal data selection dialog for selecting a subset of data sets to import. If no output arguments are specified the imported data will be created as new variables in the MATLAB workspace.

DATA = importOrigin(...); returns the imported data in a structure DATA.

importOrigin uses MATLAB's actxserver to create an Origin COM Automation Server. This means that Origin must be installed on the target computer. More information can be found here:

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)
Other requirements Origin (OriginLab Corp.)
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20 Aug 2013

Updated links in description.

27 Aug 2013

Fixed importing worksheets containing NaN and empty columns.

09 Sep 2013

Updated the description

13 Sep 2013

- Possible to import data into the MATLAB workspace (base).
- Implemented MATLAB's own listdlg for the data selection, instead of using inputsdlg from the File Exchange.
- New default for opening a data selection dialog.

25 Jul 2014

Bug fix when running function without output arguments.

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