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Differential Search Algorithm: A modernized particle swarm optimization algorithm

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DSA is a modernized particle swarm optimization algorithm.



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Differential Search Algorithm (DSA) is a new and effective evolutionary algorithm for solving real-valued numerical optimization problems. DSA was inspired by migration of superorganisms utilizing the concept of stable-motion. In [1], the problem solving success of DSA was compared to the successes of ABC, JDE, JADE, SADE, EPSDE, GSA, PSO2011 and CMA-ES algorithms for solution of numerical optimization problems.

DSA is a multi-strategy based, advanced evolutionary algorithm. DSA analogically simulates a superorganism that migrates between two stopovers. Standard DSA has four different search-methods; bijective-DSA (B-DSA), surjective-DSA (S-DSA), Elitist(1)-DSA (E1-DSA), and Elitist(2)-DSA (E2-DSA). Hybridization of DSA (H-DSA) search methods is quite easy.

See for detailed information and updated-versions of DSA.

Related references;

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saranya v

It gives me error 'no enough input parameters'.
please help me to clear this error

hi i dont now that how use this algourithm
pleas tell me that how run this code in the matlab


chenf (view profile)



simple, effective, speed and excellent

hmm gooD excelent


Jack (view profile)


Jack (view profile)



tile and summary have been revised

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