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  • model_elastic.m
  • get_param_GUI.m
  • plot_exp_vs_mod_setvariab...
  • indenters_properties_GUI.m
  • print2eps.m
  • model_hardness.m
  • CSM_correction
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • GUI_Extraction_EP_propert...
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • GetYamlVals(yamldata)
    this function converts data formatted in yaml style (cells containing timestamps and values)
  • ReadYaml(filename, nosuch...
  • ReadYamlRaw(filename, ver...
  • TimeVals2Cell(time,datava...
    creates a typical struct with field named by header. Values are cell of
  • WriteYaml(filename, data,...
  • append_pdfs(varargin)
    APPEND_PDFS Appends/concatenates multiple PDF files
  • clean_data
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • comma2point_overwrite( fi...
  • copyfig(fh)
    COPYFIG Create a copy of a figure, without changing the figure
  • crop_borders(A, bcol, pad...
    CROP_BORDERS Crop the borders of an image or stack of images
  • customized_menu(parent)
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • datadump(data)
  • deflateimports(r)
  • doinheritance(r, tr)
  • dosubstitution(r, diction...
  • eps2pdf(source, dest, cro...
    EPS2PDF Convert an eps file to pdf format using ghostscript
  • export_data_to_YAML_file
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • export_fig(varargin)
    EXPORT_FIG Exports figures suitable for publication
  • fix_lines(fstrm, fname2)
    FIX_LINES Improves the line style of eps files generated by print
  • get_and_plot
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • ghostscript(cmd)
    GHOSTSCRIPT Calls a local GhostScript executable with the input command
  • im2gif(A, varargin)
    IM2GIF Convert a multiframe image to an animated GIF file
  • iscolumnvector(obj)
  • ismymatrix(obj)
  • isolate_axes(ah, vis)
    ISOLATE_AXES Isolate the specified axes in a figure on their own
  • isord(obj)
  • isrowvector(obj)
  • issingle(obj)
  • kwd_parent()
  • makematrices(r, makeords)
  • merge_struct(p, s, donotm...
  • mergeimports(data, verb)
  • model_bilayer_elastic
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • model_elastic_set
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • model_multilayer_elastic
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • model_perriot_barthel
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • openfile
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • pdf2eps(source, dest)
    PDF2EPS Convert a pdf file to eps format using pdftops
  • pdftops(cmd)
    PDFTOPS Calls a local pdftops executable with the input command
  • plot_exp_vs_mod
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • plot_get_values
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • plot_residuals
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • print2array(fig, res, ren...
    PRINT2ARRAY Exports a figure to an image array
  • python4abaqus
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • read_write_entire_textfil...
    READ_WRITE_ENTIRE_TEXTFILE Read or write a whole text file to/from memory
  • refresh_indenters_GUI(ini...
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • refresh_param_GUI
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • save_figure(path_data, fi...
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • stat2html(stat,name)
    This function tests consistency of YAMLMatlab, by default, the results
  • test_ReadYaml()
    this function tests reading in the yaml file
  • test_WriteYaml()
  • thin_films_properties_GUI
    Copyright 2014 MERCIER David
  • user_string(string_name, ...
    USER_STRING Get/set a user specific string
  • using_hg2(fig)
    USING_HG2 Determine if the HG2 graphics pipeline is used
  • DateTime
    ate and Time Operations
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06 Sep 2013 (Updated )

A Matlab GUI to plot and to analyze (nano)indentation data (obtained with conical indenters)

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File Information

A Matlab toolbox to plot and to analyze (nano)indentation data (obtained with conical indenters)

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements YAML Matlab (
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09 Sep 2013

Correction of name for bilayer elastic model (Perriot et al.)

09 Sep 2013

Modification of the logo

10 Sep 2013

Correction in HTML documentation files

21 Jan 2014

Refactoring of the code (new scripts) + debugging of some mistakes. Cleaning and new comments. Update of the documentation and examples.

22 Jan 2014

New logo

27 Jan 2014

Preallocations of variables to optimize calculations and debugging the waitbar and the plot of residuals.

10 Jul 2014

Change scripts into functions.
Add some plot options.
Add comments.

10 Sep 2014

Minor revision.

17 Oct 2014

Add Matlab function to generate Python script for Abaqus to model axisymmetric cono-spherical indentation experiment on multilayer sample. Add indenter material properties...

21 Oct 2014

Add check to know if YAML Google Code is installed

21 Oct 2014

Removed useless script

21 Oct 2014

add Python script example for 3 thin films on a substrate and
debugged function to generate python scripts

22 Oct 2014

Update from github

23 Oct 2014

Update from GitHub 2 (remove html files, add sphinx doc)

23 Oct 2014

update description

23 Oct 2014

Update from GitHub

17 Dec 2014

update from github (update readme and getting started) + initial setting for the mesh in python script

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