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GSM-Socont: Glacio-hydrological model

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Matlab source code of GSM-Socont, Schaefli et al., 2005)



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Semi-distributed glacio-hydrologic model to simulate daily discharge from catchments with glacier cover (without routing, snow melt based on degree-day approach), including test files. Model calibration is discussed in the reference paper, a simple example of the underlying Monte Carlo simulation procedure is provided.

Schaefli, B., Hingray, B., Niggli, M. and Musy, A., 2005. A conceptual glacio-hydrological model for high mountainous catchments. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 9: 95 - 109.

More information: (the above paper)

Note: the Matlab model contains the option to have fuzzy transition range between snow and rain, not discussed in the above paper.

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