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IEC 61000-4-7 for Harmonics Calculations

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This file gives you the ability to calculated Harmonics



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This function will calculate the Harmonics spectrum values according to
the IEC 61000-4-7 Norm which spesify the need for 10 min Voltage and current measured signals of the system under study and calulate the Harmonics mean values every 10 Periods of the measured signal (In this case 50 Hz signal)
This Fucntion inputs are:
1- The nominal values of the measured signal: Frequency,Voltage, and the current. For example f = 50%Hz
Vn = 400%V (Phase to Phase Voltage of the grid)
Inom = 475%A (The nominal current of the system under measurement)
2- The measured Voltages and current signals with there time
measurement signals (U1,U2,U3,I1,I2,I3,U1_time,U2_time,U3_time,I1_time,I2_time,I3_time)
3- figures is an input of 1 or 0 in order to activate showing the figures of the different harmonics spectrums figures calculated in this function.
PS: This function assume that you have the same sampling rate of the different measured signals and that all measured signals has the same length.
The Outputs of this function are:
1- The total Harmonic distortion for your current and voltage signals
2- the K factor of the measured signal. (Look it up in Internet to see the difference between K and THD or try to figure it out from this function)
3- The different spectrum maximum values for the three pahse measured voltages and currents
4- The final three outputs are the x-axis of the spectrum order.

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Aubai (view profile)

Hallo Usman farooq,

I am not sure i understand your question?
I am not re-sampling in this code!

Best Regards

usman farooq

How you are resampling in this code?


RalfMo (view profile)


Obay (view profile)

finally Harmonics calculation and gruoping according to IEC

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