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Parallel Coordinate Plots GUI toolbox

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Visualize and manipulate parallel coordinate plots with this GUI. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL



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Hi, this is my first GUI so I would appreciate feedback on best practice and bugs.

Start by running from pcpnew.m, please read Manual.docx.

Works for 20 or less dimensions and datasets of any number of members (at the cost of speed).

Clusters, groups, envelopes, density plots, filtering, dimension manipulation and many display options.

Cheers, Barney

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Hi Martin,
You'll need to also click 'update figure'
I've tested this on 2016a, I'm not sure why it's so slow compared to on the earlier version

Martin Cermak

Is anyone else getting only an empty plot? I load my data, check the "plot raw data", click "create new figure", but all I can see is an empty plot. I've tried 2013b and 2016a Matlab versions.

You Ling

Thanks for the reply. This is certainly helpful.


Barnaby (view profile)


There is currently no functionality in the code to allow for this. When I

next update it I'll add a checkbox for it, thanks for the idea!

To achieve this you should enter the pcpnew.m file and change line 743 to:


(Probably do that anyway, I'm putting it in the next version)

Then (depending what settings you want this for), after line 774 put:

for i = 1 : dimnum
for j = 0 : 10
%I'm not sure how good a MATLAB function 'text()' is
%Doing ticks as shown in your graph would be more complicated

This will look pretty crude; for a start I'd delete lines 745 to 753 to get rid of the original y axis labelling. Also it won't be compatible with flipping, setting scale or probably ordering.
Hope that helps!

You Ling

Barnaby, thanks for sharing this toolbox. Is it possible to have multiple y-axes with different sets of ticks on the parallel coordinate plot? For example, something looks like
I briefly went through the manual but couldn't find a way to implement that. Thanks!



Updated plotting labelling

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

Inspired by: Write Cell Array to Text File, Kmedoids

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