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Dust Injection into an F101 Gas Turbine Engine (B-1)

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Code that predicts B-1 engine behavior as it swallows dust (based on DNA-TR-93-124).



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This is code that predicts the behavior of the F-101 (B-1) engine as it encounters dust from a fallout cloud, volcano, or desert sand. It is based on actual tests performed on the full engine in the early 90's and uses engine parameter corrletions from that report (DNA-TR-93-124). It a good example of phenonological modeling without resorting to 1'st principles modeling. This simple code only requires basic MATLAB (Octave) to run.

Source Code Listings for the Calspan Version of the FlOl Engine Response Model based on Report DNA-TR-93-124 by Adam J. Baran and Dr. Michael G. Dunn of Calspan Corporation

engine parameters:
xn1 - fan speed (rpm)
xn2 - core speed (rpm)
(fan speed correlation)
xigv - fan inlet variable guide vane angle (deg.)
psl4 - fan discharge static pressure (psig)
pt25 - fan discharge total pressure (psig)
xoil1 - oil pressure [xn1 correlation) (psig)
(core speed correlation)
thrust - thrust (lbf)
air - airflow (lbm/sec)
vgv -compressor inlet variable guide vane angle (deg.)
cdp - compressor discharge pressure Cpsig)
pyro - pyrometer temperature (F)
egt - exhaust gas temperature (F)
fuel - fuel flow (Pph)
xoil2c - oil pressure [xn2 correlation] (psig)

()nom - nominal value
()del - Cin/de)crement over current interval
()sumc - sum of (in/de)crements over previous intervals
f() - function which generates the value of the variable

Normal syntax to run is "Dunnv1('infile.dat','outfile.dat')" from matlab prompt. To build datafile on first run just run "Dunnv1"...

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