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Create a custom grayscale image of an RGB--specify weightings or select from predefined versions.



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This UI allows you to explore different options for creating custom grayscale images, and to generate MATLAB code and export the results.
Results and code provide output of type double, regardless of input type. (This allows visualization of a wide dynamic range.)
customGray images can improve visualizations and facilitate image segmentation.

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Brett Shoelson

Brett Shoelson (view profile)

The new file is live, as of 1:45 pm today (10/8/13). The 11 people who already grabbed this may want to do so again. Enjoy!

Brett Shoelson

Brett Shoelson (view profile)

(Uploaded, not updated.)

Brett Shoelson

Brett Shoelson (view profile)

Note: Please hold off on downloading this file for the moment; I accidentally updated an early version. A newer (better) version is on its way.


Updated license


Verified R14b readiness, addressed a few minor bugs, minor layout changes.


Simply added the screen capture.


New version modifies the limits of the sliders to [-1, 1] and indicates "clipping" (intensities <0 or >1). I removed "lightness" method, because it uses an approach that is inconsistent with other methods in the app.


Fixed a problem with the intial upload.

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MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

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