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Matlab LibTiePie 0.4.3 instrument driver for Handyscope HS5

  • BitMask2Array( nMask )BitMask2Array extracts from an integer the values of the separate bits.
  • VersionNumber2String( nVe...VersionNumber2String converts a 64 bit version number to a string.
  • DeviceLibTiePie.Device is a common ancestor for test and measurement devices in LibTiePie.
  • Enum.ARAuto resolution modes:
  • Enum.BMGenerator burst modes
  • Enum.CKCoupling kinds
  • Enum.COClock output types
  • Enum.CONNECTORTYPEConnector types:
  • Enum.CSClock sources
  • Enum.DEVICETYPEDevice types, used for several LibTiePie.Library.List methods.
  • Enum.FMGenerator frequency modes
  • Enum.IDDeviceIDs, used for several LibTiePie.Library.List methods.
  • Enum.IDKINDId kinds, used for several LibTiePie.Library.List methods.
  • Enum.MMMeasure modes
  • Enum.STGenerator signal types
  • Enum.TCTrigger conditions
  • Enum.TKTrigger kinds
  • Enum.TOETrigger output events
  • Enum.TRISTATETristate value
  • GeneratorUse LibTiePie.Generator for controlling LibTiePie arbitrary wavevorm generators.
  • I2CHostUse LibTiePie.I2CHost for controlling LibTiePie I2C hosts (contained in oscilloscopes).
  • LibraryLibTiePie is a library for controlling TiePie engineering's test and measurement equipment.
  • ListLibTiePie.List is the device list object in LibTiePie.
  • OscilloscopeUse LibTiePie.Oscilloscope for controlling LibTiePie oscilloscopes.
  • OscilloscopeChannelLibTiePie.OscilloscopeChannel controls a LibTiePie oscilloscope channel.
  • TriggerInputLibTiePie.TriggerInput controls a LibTiePie trigger input.
  • TriggerOutputLibTiePie.TriggerOutput controls a LibTiePie trigger output.
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Matlab LibTiePie 0.4.3 instrument driver for Handyscope HS5



03 Oct 2013 (Updated )

MatlabLibTiePie : TiePie engineering's instrument library for Matlab 7.6 = 2008a and higher.

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