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Matlab LibTiePie 0.4.3 instrument driver for Handyscope HS5

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MatlabLibTiePie : TiePie engineering's instrument library for Matlab 7.6 = 2008a and higher.



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MatlabLibTiePie : TiePie engineering's instrument library for Matlab 7.6 = 2008a and higher.

MatlabLibTiePie is a Matlab package for using LibTiePie supported devices with Matlab 7.6 = 2008a and up.
LibTiePie is a library for controlling TiePie engineering's test and measurement equipment.
The following device types are supported:
- oscilloscopes
- function generators / arbitrary waveform generators (AWG)
- I2C hosts.

For examples and more information, see and .


The parent directory of the +LibTiePie directory must be in the Matlab path (or must be the current directory).
Therefore, create a directory structure such as 'C:\TiePie\+LibTiepie'.
To temporarily add 'C:\TiePie' to the Matlab path, execute 'addpath C:\TiePie'.
To permanently add 'C:\TiePie' to the Matlab path, use file->set path->add folder->save->close, or in Matlab 2012b+'s ribbon menu Environment->Set Path.

libtiepie.dll (or .so) and libtiepie.h must also be in the Matlab path. You can copy them to the 'C:\TiePie' directory already added to the Matlab path.


It is recommended to import the enumerated constants for LibTiePie to be able to use them for example as MM.STREAM instead of LibTiePie.Enum.MM.STREAM.
You can do this by executing 'import LibTiePie.Enum.*'.

Now you can open the library as follows:

>> LibTiePie = LibTiePie.Library

Search for devices:

>> LibTiePie.List.Update

Open the first oscilloscope:

>> Scope = LibTiePie.List.OpenOscilloscope( IDKIND.INDEX , 0 )

or function generator:

>> Gen = LibTiePie.List.OpenGenerator( IDKIND.INDEX , 0 )

Matlab will show which properties and methods can be used on each object.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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