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MatrixUser v2.2

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MatrixUser v2.2


Fang Liu (view profile)


07 Oct 2013 (Updated )

An ImageJ like, Multi-functional, GUI-based Program for Image (Matrix) Processing and Analysis

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Most of the medical images (e.g. CT, MRI, PET, etc.) comprises multiple frames which represent slices, phases, timing etc. from the same imaging object. Those images can be saved as multidimensional matrices in Matlab thanks to Matlab's powerful support of multidimensional data representation. However, within Matlab, most of image manipulation functions are limited or tailored for processing two-dimensional matrix. The MatrixUser is a software package which features functions designed and optimized specifically for manipulating multidimensional real or complex data matrix. MatrixUser provides a nice graphical environment for easily performing image analysis tasks including multidimensional image display, matrix (image stack) processing and rendering etc. MatrixUser is a great lightweight tool for users who are working in image processing field under Matlab.
More specifically, MatrixUser features:
1. Multidimensional data import and conversion: Support importing and converting matrix data from MAT, NIFTI, DICOM, Clipboard and Screen Shot
2. Multidimensional matrix display: Support displaying multidimensional (1,2,3 and above) matrix and allow easily image switch between any dimension. Support profile inspection for a single voxel along any dimension. Support volume view with two additional orthogonal displays.
3. Image overlay: Allow overlay of two multidimensional matrices in studies such as fMRI, dynamic imaging and PET imaging, etc.
4. Matrix Manipulation: Allow convenient matrix truncation, concatenation and transform. Support multiple types of regular image processing (e.g. interpolation, spatial transformation, FFT, filtering and noise etc.)
5. Region-of-Interest and Segmentation: Allow convenient multislice ROI and segmentation analysis across the whole volume
6. Volume rendering: Support 3D volume rendering with easy parameter settings
7. Image representation: Provide functions for creating montage with multislice images, re-slicing matrix along any spatial direction, making image projection along arbitrary angle, creating movies and more
If you need a handy graphical matrix analyzer in Matlab, MatrixUser is designed for you and your studies. To run this program, simply run Main.m under the root folder. For more information, please also check

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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Comments and Ratings (1)
16 Feb 2017 Hyungseok

04 Feb 2014 1.1

updated description

05 Feb 2014 1.4

a few bugs fixed

14 Feb 2014 1.5

update description

18 Feb 2014 1.6

fix bugs for loading single DICOM file

08 Apr 2014 1.7

turn off warning

08 Apr 2014 1.8

update description

10 Apr 2014 1.9

display bug fixed

14 Apr 2014 1.10

clear description

30 Aug 2014 1.11

updated to v2.2

31 Aug 2014 1.12

update description

02 Sep 2014 1.13

update user guide

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