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Microstrip line-fed rectangular antenna analysis using 3D FDTD code

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Microstrip line-fed antenna analysis is performed by the 3D FDTD



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FDTD routine used to simulate the propagation of ultra wide-band pulse
through line-fed rectangular antenna to compute return loss parameters of the microstrip structure.

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Mid Lib

Mid Lib

thank you. Please from where have you obtained this relation for conductivity: Material(4,3) = lineH/(Z0*lineW*dy); ?



In the program, is the dielectric layer thickness 0.4 mm?

but in the original problem, it is 1.588 mm

can you please provide the corresponding conference paper for equations as reference?

nageswara rao, you can increase PML layers with PML parameter. Ex - is a physical x-component of electric field, Gx and Fx - additional variables of UPML technique for FDTD, k_Ex_a and etc. - transformation coefficients of FDTD method

nageswara rao

how can we select the number of PMLs?
what these parameters Ex,Gx,Fx,Hx,Bx, k_Ex_a,b,c,d are stands for?


Ulrich (view profile)

Please, correct Duroid layer thickness!



Duroid thickness corrected.

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