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Regularization Kaczmarz Tools Version 1.4 for Matlab

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Implementation of algorithms based on Kaczmarz method for various linear systems



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The new version 1.4 includes the original implementations of Block Kaczmarz Algorithm:
* Block Kaczmarz Algorthm based on solving linear systems with arrowhead matrices. Cyclic Control.
* Same as above, but with randomized control scheme for two distribution.
* Direct Projection Method (DPM).
Pending for publishing: July 2015.
For earlier versions (<1.4):
This library contains four new modifications of the algorithm S. Kaczmarz:
* Quasi-optimal Kaczmarz method
* Column Kaczmarz method for Tikhonov regularization problem
* Column Kaczmarz method with quasi-optimal rule for Tikhonov regularization problem
* Randomized Column Kaczmarz method for Tikhonov regularization problem
In this files, we consider Phillips's "famous" test problem. This new algorithms is based on transforming regularized normal equations to the equivalent augmented regularized normal system of equations.

Main article: Ivanov A.A., Zhdanov A.I. Kaczmarz algorithm for Tikhonov regularization problem, Appl. Math. E-Notes, 13(2013), pp. 270-276.

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Changes: summary, and description. Added new algorithms.


Added two new methods and updated examples. Increased to 1.1 version.


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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

Inspired by: regtools

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