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Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) based on Electroencephalogra​phy (EEG)

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Real-Time Discrete Wavelet Transform and ANFIS classifier for Brain-Machine Interface based on EEG



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Main program: bmi_three_channels

The explanation of the project methodology and results is presented on:

The signal processing algorithm and pattern recognition system are presented in the IEEE publication:
Eduardo López-Arce Vivas, Alejandro García-González, Iván Figueroa, and Rita Fuentes. Discrete Wavelet Transform and ANFIS Classifier for Brain-Machine Interface based on EEG. International Conference on Human System Interaction, 2013. (THE BEST PAPER AWARD in the area of Human Machine Interaction)

Special Features:
*Algorithm for Real-Time Discrete Wavelet Transform.
*NI DAQ USB-6009 for Matlab 64-bits using listener and event.
*NI DAQ USB-6009 for Matlab 64-bits: analog input and digital output simultaneous sessions.
*On-line data plotted on GUI.
*Off-line Short-Time Fourier Transform data analysis.
*Save data acquired on GUI.

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Dear Eduardo,

Thank you for sharing such a great project. Could you please tell me where you put your electrodes?


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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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