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Study of various Digital Image Processing concepts using MATLAB

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Study of various Digital Image Processing concepts using MATLAB. .txt files for C are also included

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1. Study of BMP file format.
2. Study of statistical properties- mean, standard deviation, profile, variance and
Histogram plotting.
3. Histogram equalization & modification.
4. Gray level transformations such as contrast stretching, negative, power law
transformation etc.
5. Spatial Domain filtering- smoothing & sharpening filters.
6. DCT/IDCT of given image.
7. Edge detection using Sobel, Prewitt and Roberts operators.
8. Morphological operations- erosion, dilation, opening & closing on binary
a. Image.
9. Pseudo coloring.
10. Creating noisy image and filtering using MATLAB

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Amit Nambiar

Amit Nambiar (view profile)

Hi Riya, Please be specific.
You have to use logical if you want to display binary image using the imshow(...) function.


Riya (view profile)

what is the use of logical() here?
i mean why isnt the image displayed without its use?


MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired: graylevel1(varargin)

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DigitalImageProcessingMATLAB/2 statistical properties/

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DigitalImageProcessingMATLAB/4 Gray level transformations/

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