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The Magnetic Field Made By Six Rings of Current - Enter Value

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This code finds the magnetic field made by six rings of current from an X,Y,Z coordinate.



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This code finds the magnetic field strength (in gauss) for an X, Y and Z coordinate inside 6 rings in a box. The center of the structure is the point (0, 0, 0). The rings are numbered 1-6. Each ring has a radius of 0.127 meters, there is 0.1963 meters from mid-plane to mid-plane and each ring has 20,000 ampturns.

The user enters values in meters:
X? :0.1
Y? :-0.1
Z? :0.05

The user gets an output in Gauss:
X :877.8909 (gauss)
Y :-877.8909 (gauss)
Z :678.0095 (gauss)

and the component vectors:

Ring One, BRad: #, BLinear:#
Ring Two, BRad: #, BLinear:#
Ring Three, BRad: #, BLinear:#
Ring Four, BRad: #, BLinear:#
Ring Five, BRad: #, BLinear:#
Ring Six, BRad: #, BLinear:#


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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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