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Multi Plot with marker spacing

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plot large 2D data set with custom marker spacing

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Used to generate a single plot of single/multiple large 2D data sets. The unique feature is the ability to marker spacing over a line plot. This is my first version, so might have some bugs.

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Scott (view profile)

thanks Jan,

It was a thing over time. I have older functions that call remove_zeros, and later I started using rmz, so been lazy to go through and update all my functions.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

A better "remove zeros" with inplace processing:

  function X = rmz(X)
  X = X(X~=0);


Scott (view profile)

I forgot to add a function I used all the time. I'll link the stand alone version as soon as MATLAB has it uploaded. But in the mean time, at the end of the .m file you can the following code. Let me know if there are any other errors.

%% [X] = rmz(Y)
% this is a wrapper for removie_zeros function
% See also remove_zeros

function [X] = rmz(Y)
    [X] = remove_zeros(Y);

%% [X] = remove_zeros(Y)
function [X] = remove_zeros(Y)
    X = Y(Y~=0);

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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