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Table class

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A class for handling data tables together with row and column labels



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"Table" is a class for handling flat data tables together with row and column labels. It provides functions for reading/writing from/to text files, and for quickly displaying in a uitable object. Example:
    tab ='fisherIris.txt');
    write(tab, 'tab2.txt');
Several plot functions are overloaded such that row or column labels are automatically added to the plot.
    plot(tab('PetalLength'), tab('PetalWidth'), '*');

It provides facilities to access data using name of columns. It also support basic editing features: concatenation, extraction of sub-tables...
Subtables can be obtained via parens indexing:
    tab2 = tab(1:30, :);

Table content can be accessed by curly braces indexing:
    firstSpecies = tab{1:5, 'Species'};

Raw numeric data are stored in the 'data' property, and categorical information in the 'levels' field:
    petalLength = tab('PetalLength');
    species = tab.levels{5}

Several functions are available for quick overview of data stored in Table object: summary(), min(), max()...

A "Pca" class is also provided, that allows to quiclky perform principal component analysis and to keep column names in results.

A quick overview of the features is given in the demo script.

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add curly braces indexing, fix bugs in

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

Inspired by: DataTable

Inspired: Image_M

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