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Vandermonde matrix, vander() function extension

Vandermonde matrix, vander() function extension



17 Oct 2013 (Updated )

Adds functionality to the original MATLAB vander() function.

function A = vander2(v,k)
%VANDER2 Vandermonde matrix.
%   A = VANDER2(V) returns the Vandermonde matrix whose columns
%   are powers of the vector V, that is A(:,j) = v^(j) 
%   for all j in [0 k-1]. If k is omitted, k=length(v).
%   Extends the built in MATLAB vander() function. 
%   Uses the more common definition of the Vandermonde matrix and adds the 
%   ability to create non-square matrices.
%   Class support for input V:
%      float: double, single
%   Adapted from the original MATLAB vander() function

if nargin==1
    k = length(v);

A = bsxfun(@power,v(:),0:k-1);

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