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Draggable data tips

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Enable dragging Matlab plot data-tips



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Matlab plots can display data-tips but these cannot be interactively moved except to the 4 corners of the data point.

This utility enables the user to interactively drag any newly-created data-tip, anywhere in the Matlab figure. A dashed line connects the dragged data-tip with the original data point.

The new draggable functionality only affects new data-tips, so it can be turned on/off to enable standard and new data-tips to co-exist in the same plot (see screenshot).

Syntax: draggableDataTips(newState)

draggableDataTips('on') or draggableDataTips(true) turns the new functionality ON for new data-tips.
draggableDataTips('off') or draggableDataTips(false) turns the new functionality OFF for new data tips.

Relies on undocumented functionality. Expected to fail in the upcoming HG2 - please don't bug me about it, unless you found a solution...

Technical description:

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Rody Oldenhuis

Rody Oldenhuis (view profile)

Yair Altman

Yair Altman (view profile)

Aditya - a new version was just uploaded that fixes this minor problem.


Aditya (view profile)

I like this a lot. Thanks.

I found what could be a bug:
- create a datatip
- drag it so that the dashed line appears
- click on the dashed line and an error appears and the datatip goes away.

This is in 2013b 64 bit.

Here is the error:
err =

Error using set
Invalid handle

No public field DataIndex exists for class handle.

Error in graphics.datacursor/default_updateDataCursor
(line 38)
hDataCursor.DataIndex = ind;

Error in graphics.datacursor/updateDataCursor (line 31)
Error in graphics.datatip/update (line 22)

Error in datacursormode>localWindowButtonDownFcnDatatip
(line 781)

Error in datacursormode>localWindowButtonDownFcn (line
Error in hgfeval (line 63)

Error in uitools.uimode/modeWindowButtonDownFcn (line

Error in
(line 160)
Error while evaluating figure WindowButtonDownFcn



Fixed the bug reported by Aditya on Nov 3, 2013

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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