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Batch Job

  • batch_job(varargin)
    BATCH_JOB Run a batch job across several instances of MATLAB on the same PC
  • batch_job_collect(s, vara...
    BATCH_JOB_COLLECT Output data computed by a batch job
  • batch_job_distrib(varargin)
    BATCH_JOB_DISTRIB Distribute a MATLAB for loop across several PCs
  • batch_job_submit(job_dir,...
    BATCH_JOB_SUBMIT Submit a batch job to workers
  • batch_job_test
  • batch_job_worker(job)
    BATCH_JOB_WORKER Create a batch_job worker
  • chunk_name(work_dir, ind)
  • construct_function(s)
    Get the global data
  • do_chunk(func, mi, s, a)
    Get the chunk filename
  • do_job(job, kill)
  • getComputerName()
    GETCOMPUTERNAME returns the name of the computer (hostname)
  • get_chunk_indices(a, s)
  • get_file_lock(fname, force)
    GET_FILE_LOCK Grab a file lock for exclusive access to a file
  • kill_signal(s)
    Signalled if the params file is deleted
  • matrify(output)
    Convert the output to a matrix or array
  • num_bytes(A)
  • open_mmap(mmap)
  • preallocate_file(name, nb...
    Allocate the right amount of space
  • quiet_delete(varargin)
  • set_chunk_time(job)
    Do the job initializations
  • setup_job(job)
    Load the job parameters
  • start_workers(s, workers)
    Start the workers
  • timestr(t)
    Time string function
  • tmpname()
  • write_bin(A, fname)
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Batch Job



24 Oct 2013 (Updated )

Toolbox to spread batch work over multiple MATLAB instances, even on other PCs

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File Information

This toolbox consists of several functions for spreading work over multiple MATLAB instances.
If you have a for loop which can be written something like:

   for a = 1:size(input, 2)
       output(:,a) = func(input(:,a), global_data);

then the functions in this toolbox can be used to split the for loop iterations across multiple MATLAB instances, including across multiple computing nodes/computers. This is a replacement for parfor in this use case, if you don't have the Parallel Computing Toolbox.

See the README at:
for more information.

These functions are in beta testing. If you have any bug reports or fixes, please raise a github issue.


Multicore Parallel Processing On Multiple Cores inspired this file.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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Comments and Ratings (4)
23 Oct 2014 David T_

First, thank you a lot for this contribution.

However, I'm facing variable size output data. Like Matthew I'm hoping on cell array support.
(Similar to CELLFUN(__, 'UniformOutput', false) )

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24 Jul 2014 Matthew

(This looks like a great piece of work! Thanks!)

It appears that this does not support non-numeric input and output, despite the markdown file stating that cell arrays can be used. I am ideally hoping to pass structs in and out (though cell arrays would also be sufficient) -- is this possible?

Comment only
16 Feb 2014 almog shalom

Very nice.
I would add to the command that invokes Matlab the option "-nosplash", and maybe also "-nodisplay".

25 Oct 2013 Andreas

Please add an example in the comment section.

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29 Oct 2013 1.1

Add example. Improve code.

30 Oct 2013 1.2

Add the logo

11 Dec 2013 1.3

Bug fix

18 Aug 2015 1.4

Move to github

20 Aug 2015 1.5

Update description

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