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Face Recognition System

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Face Recognition System


Luigi Rosa (view profile)


26 Jan 2004 (Updated )

Face Recognition System: demo source code

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File Information

Face Recognition System

In order to obtain the complete source code please visit

Release 2.0
Major features
- Better recognition rate ( 20 % improved )
- Improved distance measure
- Karhunen-Loeve algorithm
- Enhanced GUI

Release 1.0
Major features
- Face recognition based on EigenFaces
- User-friendly GUI
- Easy c/c++ implementation


"Eigenfaces for Recognition", Matthew Turk and Alex Pentlad Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience pp.71-86, March 1991 Vision and Modeling Group, The Media Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology paper is available at

See also Matthew Turk's homepage

AT&T Laboratories Cambridge. The ORL face database, Olivetti Research Laboratory available at

Keywords: face, recognition, eigenfaces, eigenvalues, eigenvectors.

Luigi ROSA
Via Centrale 35
67042 Civita di Bagno
L'Aquila - ITALY
mobile +39 320 7214179

Required Products Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
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Comments and Ratings (108)
10 Sep 2016 Aparajit Kulkarni

How can I download this

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07 Jan 2011 SITI

SITI (view profile)

plz help me..anyone cn gimme

04 Jan 2011 SITI

SITI (view profile)

im doing the face recognition system as well.. however, i have to use the radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) to implement far, ive got problem to design the GUI to connect the system via the MATLAB GUI..plz help me or give some tips on how to design it

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08 Dec 2010 saidulu e

sir im doing project on image recognising please send me matlab code used for face recognising

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10 Nov 2010 debabrata bedant

face detection from a datbase using matlab gui, CONTACT:

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10 Nov 2010 Saša Mandi?

I need an algorithm which detect moving (face, arm, leg, etc.) in video!
If anybody have or know how to write it please contact me on my e mail!
I need to do this for my work an collage but i don't know how to write it!
Thank you very much!

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14 Oct 2010 matrix kumar


20 Mar 2010 rishi jain

can any1 mail me d source code?
i'm dng my final proj on face rec...plz plz help me...
plz rpy to

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09 Mar 2010 Nikunj

Nikunj (view profile)

My final year project is Face recognition using ICA. Can any one help me with it. I mean where to find the source codes and algorithms for ICA

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07 Dec 2009 suhail khaleel


23 Jul 2009 daba Dabarera

27 Apr 2009 M umair

nice one

13 Apr 2009 Hanaa

Hanaa (view profile)


How do you detect facial features using template matching?

I'll be very grateful for your help. Thanks! :)

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08 Feb 2009 Shadi

Shadi (view profile)

You could at least mention here that we have to pay to see the source code.

30 Aug 2008 Evelyn Stevens

Could not run it with my database.

19 Aug 2008 ramesh gopisetty

nice thing

10 Aug 2008 devendra sethi


04 Jul 2008 tanon smith

i want to learnning

11 Jun 2008 S J


09 Jun 2008 saravanan R

marketing in common forum

11 Apr 2008 umair awan


20 Feb 2008 Andy H

can anybody give me the codes to be able to distinguish the same faces with different expressions in a face recognition system on matlab?

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26 Sep 2007 giacomo guglielmone

not only any code has been uploaded, but it contains also a request for money

26 Sep 2007 federico bisogni

not only any code has been uploaded, but there is also a request for money for having the code

04 Sep 2007 gitar shawkat

29 Aug 2007 ramesh ramesh


18 Aug 2007 ihsan ihsan

This man has uploaded nothing, He just advertisees his code and he is usiong this site for advertising, that's not good thing.

19 Jul 2007 a k


25 May 2007 hong huang

23 Apr 2007 zhang yanxia

zhang yxyanxia

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29 Mar 2007 dhruv bansal

21 Mar 2007 dharanpdeepak .

I like this article can somebody help me for getting the source code for finger print recognition that is done in mathlab ....

26 Jan 2007 Mike Spike

Just wat i was looking 4

04 Jan 2007 mohamed kamel

thank yuo

20 Dec 2006 summaaa summa


20 Dec 2006 jeno jeno


20 Dec 2006 ruka david

this is very innovative......

16 Dec 2006 ozili sreenu

26 Nov 2006 al mansur

She actually provide the code if you send her 15 euro.

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29 Sep 2006 rahul khathuria

hi my name is rahul,i tried running the program but had problems in running the .pgm files, the GUI also didn't come up as stated,hoping 4 some replies

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12 Jun 2006 mas Bas

very nice program.

01 Jun 2006 ibrahim ibrahim

03 May 2006 faraz m

is good

19 Apr 2006 merie fedias

very nice programme i would like to send me another news from you please.

16 Apr 2006 encep sepri

sip / good

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28 Mar 2006 beatris macentire

22 Mar 2006 shunmuga vel

hai my name shunmugavel
i am doing my final year projectin facial recognition.i dont no about any concept in matlab .so please inform about the concept with the souce code of project and reply as soon.

23 Jan 2006 eraji wari

i do my final year computer science & my project is face recognition using matlab.i dont know any information about the matlab.plz inform the source code of this project & the details of the matlab.plz reply immediately.

Comment only
04 Dec 2005 Lihui Guo

03 Dec 2005 kumar pbv

hi my name is kumar.
i am doing a project on face recognition on matlab, but it requires some functions like " mpgread and mpgwrite" .i downloaded those from a link but those are not working properly. i dont know how to use them and at where i want to place them. plz explain me its urgent.

23 Nov 2005 Luigi Rosa

Distributing source code for money is not shameful, I suppose. Maybe Matlab FEX is not the most proper place where to do it.

Comment only
22 Nov 2005 Alex Broadwalker

Pay for the source here in Matlab central. Shame you.

22 Nov 2005 John Smith

Not helpful without source code. It is just like other softwares out there for demonstration.

22 Nov 2005 Ali Alsabri

I am very sorry for this programmer. Donation is something you do voluntarily. He just pretends to give away their software for free, but in fact he is just doing business with that.

12 Nov 2005 Yao Ming

29 Oct 2005 rully anto

very excellent

27 Oct 2005 paul hunge

It is not good without the source code. it seems that Mr Rosa is looking for the donation only not for the good of sharing results

26 Oct 2005 James Belman

26 Aug 2005 NA NA

what good is this without the source??

26 Jun 2005 hesham saad



15 Jun 2005 SAyed Hamdy

I wark in face recognation using unlabeld data and multicalssifier

14 Jun 2005 Tulashi Gautam

I am happy to get this for my final year project otherwise i may not have been able to complete my project

06 Jun 2005 bhanu kalyan

good but needs improvisation

21 May 2005 kaivan jam

25 Apr 2005 faris seed


25 Apr 2005 yasser raerd


17 Apr 2005 Dimple Fotedar

Brilliant work

14 Apr 2005 dheena prabhu

keep it up

07 Apr 2005 dinesh kumar

research work

Comment only
19 Mar 2005 sudhanshu tripathi

its excellent for student plz provide more information thru mail

14 Mar 2005 yee loon oh

hello, i interested in how to get the eigenvalue and eigenvector?
cos i doing this recognition system in C# .net
hopefully can get some help heere..

Comment only
09 Mar 2005 jeet vishwakarma

08 Mar 2005 Mike T T

i type facerecognition in command but it saysinvalid function or something like that.
What do i do wrong?Do i have to have Image Processing toolbox?

04 Mar 2005 Mohamed Elshaaer

it's good system..but i have one ask to u
at line 85 there is [imshow(img)];; i wish if u can give me this file or program.
thank u

23 Feb 2005 karthik doss

12 Feb 2005 face less

its a good system , it helps in understanding the steps of the eigen face approach to the face recognition, it was of great help to me . keep it up Luigi rosa

10 Jan 2005 Phi Anh Quan

21 Dec 2004 someswara rao

15 Dec 2004 Attila Altay Yavuz

Good job. I have used this codes for my Fisher-Eigenface comparasion and it helped me to understand events.

07 Dec 2004 amine mohammed

01 Dec 2004 almas anjum

Good effort do contact if have some thing of faces classification using eigenfaces



15 Nov 2004 Attila Yavuz

I really found this study helpful to understand PCA implementation on Face recognation.Thanks to Luigi Rosa

09 Nov 2004 mayank kaushik

this one really helps underline REALLY HELPS

02 Nov 2004 cock pussy

ekdam land

02 Nov 2004 mohit kaushik


31 Oct 2004 Shantilal Zanwar

This software proved very useful for me to learn face recognition.
Thanks for it.

12 Oct 2004 Malini ram


06 Oct 2004 bala kanth

it is good

29 Sep 2004 Nazri A Zamani

nicely done... good for those who wants to understand Eigenface, PCA and suchs. Thanx to Luigi Rosa..

25 Sep 2004 super mario

Excellent program,

A good starting point for someone who is doing research or projects on face recognition.

07 Sep 2004 manish gupta

30 Aug 2004 Yahya Rusuh

Apaan, ga jalan tuch

30 Aug 2004 asd asd


30 Jul 2004 Dave Robinson

Very interesting. I agree with Zahid, viewing the eigenface would have enhanced the demo

07 Jul 2004 Zahid Riaz

An excellent demo, I recomend readers to see the citation by Turk and Pentland also. Demo should also be able to show eigenfaces.

04 May 2004 Girija Chetty

Very good code demonstrating eigen faces approach

02 May 2004 Omer Colakoglu

I tried to work the m file but it gives this error
Error in ==> C:\MATLABR11\work\facerecognition.m
On line 106 ==> if (class_number<=0)||(class_number>max_class)||(floor(class_number)~=class_number)||(~isa(class_number,'double'))||(any(any(imag(class_number))))"
I dont have

Comment only
29 Apr 2004 Anouschka Algoe

This code gives a very good insight of how the eigenface procedure works in an practical environment.


01 Apr 2004 waddah Mohammed

i want to practice this system as my graduation project

30 Mar 2004 waddah Mohammed

24 Mar 2004 Byungjun Son


13 Mar 2004 piyuush patel

05 Mar 2004 C Dose

16 Feb 2004 Melvin L

Comprehensive and nicely done!

15 Feb 2004 Girija Chetty

Very useful software tool box for face recognition

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