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Ultrasound strain and elastographic processing GUI



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DSPView is a GUI and framework for elastrographic processing on ultrasound data.

See this YouTube video for functionality:

See the GitHub repository for a nice readme file:

See my master's thesis, for which DSPView was written,
for more details on algorithms etc:

The input is raw RF data, while the output can be normal ultrasound B-mode image, a velocity image (axial velocity distribution), an axial strain image or an elastrographic image.

Elastographic imaging makes it possible to image tissue density, something which is not necessarily discernible with norma B-mode imaging.

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Jawad (view profile)

Thank you very much to share your work.
I would have a question : what is the matlab function which performs the elastogram on 2 RF-US images ? Does this code (if it exists) work also with modeB- US images ?
Also This elastogram gives the elasticities parameters (Young modulus) or only the deformations ?
Thank you


zhu (view profile)

It is very impressive . Now I have a little problem . Instead of using least square method , I want to use another method to estimate strain . Can you tell me some method to get strain image better than LSQ . Thanks .



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