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The Magnetic Field Made along a Path by Six Rings Of Current

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Pick two points. This code gives you the X, Y, Z field along a line from start to finish.



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This code plots the magnetic field strength as you move from a starting to a finishing point. The six rings, are loops of current placed in a box around the center. You can pick the number of steps taken between each point. The code has issues with 0, I used 1E-8 as a substitute. Here are a couple of important parameters:

- There are: 20,000 Amp*Turns running through each loop.
- The rings have a radius of: 0.127 M
- The rings are located :0.1963 M from the center

You are asked to provide 7 bits of information, below is some example input:

Starting Point
X? :-0.5588
Y? :1E-8
Z? :1E-8

Finishing Point
X? :1E-8
Y? :1E-8
Z? :1E-8
Steps? :40

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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