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Convert Well-known text geometries to geostructs

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WKT2GEOSTRUCT converts geometries in the Well-known text markup language to geostructs (or mapstructs). The structs it creates are the type used/created by functions from the Mapping Toolbox.

GEOSTRUCT2WKT as the name would suggest, does the inverse of WKT2GEOSTRUCT. It generates WKT representations of geostructs (or mapstructs).

Well-known text:

Supported shape types
WKT2GEOSTRUCT only supports a subset of the WKT format.Only 2 dimensional geometries without a linear reference are supported.
The supported types are:
  * Point
  * LineString
  * Polygon
  * MultiPoint
  * MultiLineString
  * MultiPolygon (not supported by geostruct2wkt atm)

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Fix a regex that Octave didn't like.


Added `MultiLineString` and `MultiPolygon` support.


Added geostruct2wkt function.


Made Polygons with interior rings work.
Also changed the for to a parfor.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)
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