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PSO Toolbox with Fast Speed and Interactive GUI.



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psoToolbox provides an interective GUI based Toolbox to solve optimization problems using particle swarm optimization.
Creat a fitness function in M-file.
     Function : Function handle of fitness function.
     Nvars : Number of variable to be optimized.
     LB : Lower Bound of Nvars (1 X Nvars)
     UB : Upper Bound of Nvars (1 X Nvars)
     C1 : Cognative Attraction
     C2 : Social Attraction
     W : Inertial
     Population Size : Number of Swarms
     Max Iterations : Maximum number of epochs.
   Click on " RUN PSO " button to start PSO search. You will get the out put
   at Edit box below the axes.
   To solve problem on command prompt use "pso.m".

Comments and Ratings (8)

It shows error when i use any objective function in dialog box
and it also shows that vaiables are Undefined so can anyone help regarding defining a function ?

amina nechar

its a simple way to solve problems of obtimizatios

Ahmad Azar

Very good toolbox for PSO


Sayan (view profile)

Can anyone guide me where to enter the constraints ?


requires mapping toolbox

@Gnaneswar Nadh satapathi : simply, as we do for ga.

good to see this app, but how to write a complex equation


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